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DIALS core meeting 2020-07-31

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  1. Python 3.6 deprecation proposal / NEP-29 / dials#1327
    • We agreed that we have an understanding of the problem
    • We will follow 1327
    • [Action] GW to write comment on issue
  2. Moving to Python 3.8 as the next default, skipping 3.7 (cf. #1328-comment)
    • DW suggests retaining backwards-compatibility (for CCP4)
    • ND suggests build server to 3.7, default to 3.8
    • GW: In a PR-guided workflow environment we run testing on all platforms via Azure anyway, so likely a non-problem?
    • Development platform is independent of supported versions. Those will include conda-forge-supported versions at the minimum.
    • xia2 currently has issues with 3.8, but those should be fixable easily. [Action] MG to fix
  3. Overall architecture discussion - full conda or alternatives?
    • move from libtbx dispatchers to normal python dispatchers
    • allow regular python commands access to the libtbx-modules namespaces
    • bigger issue, needs more discussion and figuring out how to do this and how to migrate
  4. Following from that: How should a new installer look like
    • Deferred as ND not in meeting
  5. Open up these DIALS core meetings to DIALS-W and the world in an effort to move DIALS towards a stage 3 project
    • Invite to meetings in dials-support and gitter
    • Change time to later in the day
    • Make meeting minutes public
  6. DIALS master stable / dials#1353
    • Currently evaluating on xia2
    • How would we distinguish with pull requests that should be reviewed and pull requests that can be merged as soon as the tests have passed?
      • MG: labels may be an option? GitHub plans to introduce an auto-merge feature for pull requests later this year. We could probably do this right now using github actions.
      • GW: pull requests can be moved to draft status to express “hang fire, I would like to look at”
    • Fundamentally it’s possible that tests fail because of an upstream repository change (eg. cctbx/scitbx/constants breaking xia2)