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DIALS core meeting 2020-08-11


Previous Actions

Relevant conda-forge migrations

package status
Boost 1.72 91% complete
Python 3.8 94% complete
HDF5 1.10.6 79% complete

SCons 4.0 went into conda-forge over the weekend.


Python 3.6 deprecation

Python 3.6 deprecation proposal / NEP-29 / dials#1327

Discussion outcome:

Next default Python version

Suggestion: moving to Python 3.8 as the next default, skipping 3.7 (cf. #1328-comment)

Overall architecture discussion

left for next meeting as ND absent

full conda or alternatives?

New installer

left for next meeting as ND absent

Following from the overall architecture discussion: How should a new installer look like?

Open up DIALS core meetings

Open up these DIALS core meetings to DIALS-W and the world in an effort to move DIALS towards a stage 3 project

DIALS master stable

DIALS master stable / dials#1353

dxtbx json/msgpack performance

ASB reports json being problematic when importing 91208312 experiments, as everything is stored in a single file, so everything needs to be read at once.


left for next meeting due to time constraints


What do we want to do?

DIALS 1.14 tutorials

Can we remove the DIALS 1.14 tutorials from the website? CCP4 is now distributing 2.2 and 1.14 is no longer supported.

DIALS documentation build

left for next meeting due to time constraints

Should the DIALS documentation build outside a cctbx environment?

Any other business

Next meeting

GW suggests first week of September rather than today + 2 weeks