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DIALS core meeting 2020-09-03


Previous Actions


Contribution guidelines

Action: DWP will have a look over them and email comments to ND

Overall architecture discussion

full conda or alternatives?

New installer

Following from the overall architecture discussion: How should a new installer look like?

cf. dials#1198 and particularly dials#1198 (comment)

stable master branch

Issue: dials#1353

dxtbx json/msgpack performance

(not discussed beyond adding the action below)

ASB reports json being problematic when importing e.g. 50,000 experiments, as everything is stored in a single file, so everything needs to be read at once.


(not discussed)


What do we want to do?

DIALS documentation build

(not discussed)

Should the DIALS documentation build outside a cctbx environment?

renaming master branch → main

(not discussed)

Any other business

(not discussed)

Next meeting

September 17th, 4pm UK time, 8am PDT.