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DIALS core meeting 2021-01-14


Previous Actions


Aaron’s PR Requests

Aaron requested that a slew of pull requests be reviewed by the next meeting after 2020-11-25:



renaming master branch → main

DIALS documentation build

Should the DIALS documentation build outside a cctbx environment?

move the active dxtbx repository into the DIALS organisation

Having the main repository in cctbx_project has a few distinct disadvantages. The most annoying is the eternal fight against the lockdown bot, but we also don’t get LGTM output.


XFEL package may introduce a pandas dependency. Want to use dials.cosym + XFEL data + MPI, pandas proved useful for bookkeeping.

General enthusiasm noted.

dials.index: create new experiments

not discussed in this meeting

dials.index should (or should not) create new experiments with crystals in rather than modifying in place existing experiments as proposed in this issue

Next meeting

Thursday, January 28th, 4pm UK time, 8am PDT.