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DIALS core meeting 2021-02-25


Previous Actions


Construct Experiments directly rather than via DataBlocks #288

Can this be unblocked/merged?

DC2: DIALS installer

ND and MG prepared a proposal (DC2) on how the installer should work in the future.

Outcome of discussion: This is accepted as useful and we will do that. WP1 and WP2 will happen first, then we will wait a bit before going to WP3/4.

Change HDF5 plugin library

We currently use the plugin collection hdf5-external-filter-plugins, which is built from There is no activity really in that repository. Although I did manage to build the plugin collection on Windows I never tested that, and it looks like until last week nobody else did either.

hdf5plugin is an alternative collection. It contains a proper superset of the plugins we already have, is more actively supported, has more users, and a Windows build.

When we do move over:

Renaming mastermain

xia2 has now renamed its main branch.

dials#1606 is ready to go in, so is dxtbx#317.

AP: MG to make this happen

End DIALS/dxtbx for Python 2

Should we upgrade the DIALS/dxtbx UserWarning

if sys.version_info.major == 2:
        "Python 2 is no longer supported. "
        "If you need Python 2.7 support please use the DIALS 2.2 release branch.",

to a xia2 hard stop?

if sys.version_info.major == 2:
    sys.exit("Python 2 is no longer supported")

AP: MG to make this happen

dxtbx comparator pseudo-classes

dxtbx#302 found dxtbx comparator classes in dxtbx.datablock. These classes (SequenceDiff, BeamDiff, ScanDiff, GoniometerDiff, DetectorDiff) should really be functions. Given they are in datablock they could move to dxtbx.model.experiment_list, but possibly something like makes more sense?

(This is independent of dxtbx#288 above)

AP: GW to add comment to that PR, rediscuss when ASB is present.

Next meeting

Thursday, March 11th, 4pm UK time, 8am PDT.