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DIALS core meeting 2021-05-20


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Image viewer with two-theta offsets

cbflib conda-forge package

dxtbx#288 “Construct Experiments directly” post-merge outstanding issues

Python 3.6 Support

Stop cctbx testing at Diamond?

We currently run Jenkins builds for cctbx on Linux and MacOS. At some point we started seeing transient network issues, a fix for this has now been merged (cctbx#614). Build times are between 5 and 35 minutes, and recently we ran on average 3 times a day on Linux and once a day on MacOS. Does running these tests ourselves still add anything? cctbx now has good coverage on Azure, and we rarely (if ever?) commit directly to master, and I suspect most of us only pull from the stable branch.

Outcome: Remove

bootstrap: make --mamba the default

So far we haven’t seen any issues using micromamba on Azure. Should we make this the default?

Outcome: Make it so.

XFEL regression tests on Azure

This has been merged, dials/dials#1707.

Only superficial changes remain: currently when a pull request is built, you get the green ticks from the commit build. After this, you do not have any indication that the pull request build is still running until, about 10 minutes later, those results come in. MG will pick this up at some point.

AOB: Dials regression

Deferred to next meeting

Next meeting

Thursday, June 3rd, 4pm UK (BST), 8am PDT.