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DIALS core meeting 2021-06-03


Previous Actions

(Note from ND: Marking items with further discussion on the agenda below with *)


DIALS deprecations

dials/dials#1731 will need some work in xtc_process for MaskGenerator.

cctbx/dxtbx#371 can go in.

cbflib conda-forge package/pycbf

Python 3.6 Support

Delete master branches

We moved to main 3 months ago. Can the master branches be removed?


Pull requests have been made in dxtbx#373 and dials#1733. Suggest existing developer installs update and remove the hdf-external-filter package manually.

Status checks before merging

We had two cases recently where pull requests were merged too eagerly (dials#1699, dials#1729). We now have a status indicating build step. Should we set it so that the pull request build has to complete before merging? We can then also enable automatic merging once the build passes.

scitbx.flex ABI shift problem


Deferred to next meeting

Next meeting

Thursday, June 17th, 4pm UK (BST), 8am PDT.