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DIALS core meeting 2021-06-17


Previous Actions


Azure tests broken on dxtbx/xia2 [Fixed]

cbflib conda-forge package/pycbf

Status checks before merging

We had two cases recently where pull requests were merged too eagerly (dials#1699, dials#1729). We now have a status indicating build step. Should we set it so that the pull request build has to complete before merging? We can then also enable automatic merging once the build passes.

Outcome: Turn it on, and evaluate in a month.

Update to Python 3.9 as default environment

dials#1735 will make 3.9 the default for new environments. You can still pick 3.6 – 3.8 by specifying a version manually.

Outcome: No objection to merging. Make it so.

src/ layout for dxtbx

cctbx/dxtbx#382, currently blocked by This is now affecting other people, dials/dials#1749.


Enable pathlib objects for dials-data

dials/data#275 will be merged soon. This deprecates the default py.path return objects, and adds an option to the dials-data fixture that allows returning py.path or pathlib objects.

(Currently blocked by xia2/xia2#597, which is blocked by cctbx/dxtbx#381, which is blocked by cctbx/dxtbx#383)

Outcome: Make this happen once blockers are out of the way.

flumpy – flex/numpy bridge

Enthusiastically received.

Next meeting

Thursday, July 1st, 4pm UK (BST), 8am PDT.