This documentation page refers to a previous release of DIALS (2.2).
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class dxtbx.model.scan.ScanFactory[source]

Bases: object

A factory for scan instances, to help with constructing the classes in a set of common circumstances.

static add(scans)[source]

Sum a list of scans wrapping the sligtly clumsy idiomatic method: sum(scans[1:], scans[0]).

static format(name)[source]

Return the correct format token for a given name, for example:

cbf, CBF smv, SMV tiff, tif, TIFF raxis, RAXIS mar, MAR

to the appropriate static token which will be used as a handle everywhere else in this.

static from_dict(d, t=None)[source]

Convert the dictionary to a scan model

d The dictionary of parameters t The template dictionary to use
Returns:The scan model
static from_phil(params, reference=None)[source]

Generate a scan model from phil parameters

static imgCIF(cif_file)[source]

Initialize a scan model from an imgCIF file.

static imgCIF_H(cif_file, cbf_handle)[source]

Initialize a scan model from an imgCIF file handle, where it is assumed that the file has already been read.

static make_scan(image_range, exposure_times, oscillation, epochs, batch_offset=0, deg=True)[source]
static search(filename)[source]

Get a list of files which appear to match the template and directory implied by the input filename. This could well be used to get a list of image headers to read and hence construct scans from.

static single(filename, format, exposure_times, osc_start, osc_width, epoch)[source]

Construct an scan instance for a single image.