The DIALS toolkit is designed to allow extension and reuse. DIALS software is being used in contexts beyond its original focus on synchrotron X-ray macromolecular crystallography. Here we list some examples of projects underway that are using DIALS in various ways.

DIALS for neutron diffraction

The Ada Lovelace Centre is currently funding developments at the Scientific Computing Department of STFC and at the ISIS Neutron and Muon Source to adapt DIALS for the time-of-flight (ToF) Laue instrument SXD.

This will enable DIALS to generate scaled intensities from ToF Laue neutron diffraction data, adding new functionality to work with white beams, asymmetric, diffuse peak profiles from spallation sources, and additional algorithms for integration. A work in progress fork is available here, with plans to extend this work to monochromatic and quasi-Laue neutron sources in the future.