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Source code for dials.util.export_text

from __future__ import absolute_import, division, print_function

[docs]def export_text(integrated_data): """Export contents of a dials reflection table as text.""" h, k, l = zip(*integrated_data["miller_index"]) # FIXME Currently outputting either summation or profile fitting. Should do # both? if "intensity.prf" in integrated_data: i = integrated_data["intensity.prf.value"] v = integrated_data["intensity.prf.variance"] else: i = integrated_data["intensity.sum.value"] v = integrated_data["intensity.sum.variance"] lp = integrated_data["lp"] i *= lp v *= lp for _h, _k, _l, _i, _v in zip(h, k, l, i, v): print("%4d %4d %4d %f %f" % (_h, _k, _l, _i, _v))